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Basic knowledge of the tire

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The structure of the radial tire

The radial tire was invented in 1946 by the world-famous tire factory ----- Michelin tire factory. Michelin tire factory in 1830 by the grandfather of the Michelin brothers (MICH-ELIN) Barbier (Barbier) of cousins ​​Duo Boli (DAUBREE) partnership, run a small-scale agriculture in France of Ke Liemeng one fee Ang (Clermont Ferrand) Machinery Factory, most began to produce rubber ball, in 1889 invented and manufactured in 15min removable bicycle tire, bike race prizes. 1946 invented the radial tire.

The birth of the radial tire marks tire industry entered a new era, it created a new era in the history of the tire development. Michelin tire factory made an outstanding contribution to the development of the history of the world tire tailored column.

Radial tire cord ply tire center point of the center into a radially arranged, and in the cord above 10 ° -20 ° (angle) of the steel belt inside the steel wire steel belt hoop. Radial tire carcass with nylon and rayon made trucks and other trucks for afternoon tire carcass steel thread layer. In addition, the radial tires because of the force and function of each part of exposure, so the choice of plastic material is also different.

Here is the manufacture of radial tires each tire choice of parts according to their different functions of the plastic material.

① the tread rubber. Because the tire tread and the road surface, therefore, it is better abrasion resistance, rolling resistance and noise to be small, but also have excellent heat resistance and puncture resistance. In addition, the radial tire buffer assertion of the tread to bear the load increases, more obvious especially in poor road, therefore, the tread rubber but also has good flexibility, resistance to fatigue resistance and high resistance to aging properties. So, tread rubber materials are very particular about.

② sidewall rubber. The bending deformation of the radial tire sidewall is much greater than the bias tires, so you must use resistance to bending deformation of the rubber for the job. In addition, the sidewall under the action of ozone easily cracks, sidewall withstand greater mechanical deformation, so the sidewall rubber should also have a lower elongation strength, excellent fatigue resistance and ozone resistance.

③ belt layer of glue. The radial tire belt layer than the bias tire buffer layer to withstand higher shear stress, at the same time, but also to achieve a gentle transition of the hardware buffer layer and to avoid the phenomenon of the tire shoulder portion Void. Therefore, the belt layer of glue should have high strength, fatigue resistance, heat resistance and adhesion.

(4) carcass ply compound. Radial tire carcass than the bias tire, the shearing deformation of the circumferential direction of tensile deformation along the cord ply adhesive should therefore having a higher strength, fatigue resistance, heat resistance and adhesion. In the same time, the plastic cord should also have a high degree of cohesion.

The ⑤ tire shoulder wedge. The shoulder wedge for hard tread gently transition to the soft sidewall ply and the buffer layer spaced from the ends, and focus on the tire shoulder stress transfer and absorption under dynamic conditions, reduce the tire shoulder Void hazard. The shoulder wedge is located in a high stress area, therefore, should have excellent fatigue resistance and good adhesion properties.

⑥ of the bead apex rubber. In order to enhance the bead portion, so that the bead can be stably molded, and the example of the formation of the bead to the tire rigidity transition, generally used by a greater hardness or both of the different hardness of the bead apex to fill the rims and strengthening bead portion the sidewall to ensure a gentle transition to the soft sidewall of the radial tire bead ring. In addition, this adhesive should have good adhesive properties.

Can be seen from these manufacturing radial tires different plastic material, manufacturing radial tires is very complex and not easy. In addition, the radial tire production technology requirements are very strict, must have state-of-the-art equipment, the job of fine raw materials, strict process management and reliable means of detection. It can be said that the radial tire is the crystallization of human wisdom.

The radial tire according to the different varieties of the belt layer and the carcass cord, radial tire can be divided into three categories: all steel radial tire bribe fiber carcass steel belt radial tires (semi-Gang wire radial) and fiber radial tire .

Heavy truck radial tire most of all steel radial tires or semi-steel radial tires; light truck radial tire is usually half the wire radial tires; radial tires for passenger cars half-wire, full fiber.

Many drivers do not understand his car or ready to buy what categories of tires. If the same car with a different tire carcass, it will affect the performance of the car. Therefore, when you change a tire is best to look at his car is what the tire carcass, if it is half the wire, still using a half-wire, full fiber, it is still selected all-fiber.

Tubeless tire construction

Tubeless tires (TUBELESS), also known as vacuum tire, in some places also called hollow tire. As the name suggests, a tubeless tire is inside the tire inner tube. Some drivers do not understand the structure tubeless tires, so I felt the use of tubeless tires are not sure, is not practical, in fact, tubeless tires is not without inner tube, it is merely the tube, more scientific, more progress In addition, a method and a tire was dissolved with another material, in order to integrally. The inside surface of a tubeless tire with a layer of high sealing sealing film (usually used oxidation butyl rubber), tightly attached to the interior of the tire. When a piercing nails and other objects, the air leakage from the hole, immediately endometrial tire with air outflow contraction blocked the hole. Film with one tire, with no leak void. Further, the inlet is only a of tire mouth and the rim tightly bite, nor leak. Therefore, when the tire nails and other objects piercing the air is not a sudden loss of only slowly leaking from where stabbed (because endometrial contraction blocked the hole, the air loss is very slow), you can give the driver plenty of time to be processed, so that neither because of the sudden loss of air accident (fast speed, front wheel suddenly leak, often resulting in vehicle rollover accidents), it will not be due to a sudden leak grind bad tire.

We can do such a test: after blowing a balloon full of gas, a thorn with a needle, the balloon will explode;, but the same surface of the balloon affixed to an adhesive plaster, blowing charged the same one stabbed with a needle, with the the loss of air, the plaster will shrink to block the hole, slowly loss of air, the balloon will not explode.

From a security perspective, vacuum tire is the ideal tire for high-speed driving. In addition, the vacuum tire, low fever, light weight, save fuel (test proved that tubeless tires have tire fuel savings of 1% to 2%), while the repair quickly and conveniently.

Tubeless tire was invented in 1930, has more than 60 years, the original study found that tubeless tires from the safety point of view. However, 60 years later, some drivers also worried tubeless tires unsafe, visible, publicity tire knowledge is not enough.

Tubeless tires, more stringent requirements for the wheels, the wheels must be no collision, no rust, must be air-tightness test, you can not "trachoma", or lax, the tire mouth and rim bite, can not be inflated

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