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Tire maintenance of common sense

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As the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" foot for the car wheels, tires shoes, once in motion a puncture situation, not only unable to move, more prone to accidents. Therefore, tire maintenance is particularly important:

Tire maintenance of common sense

Prevent puncture pay attention to strengthening the maintenance of the tires, and tires should be changed regularly. When the gradual wear of the tire, the wires of the layer gradually fatigue, aging of the tread, its performance is inevitably weakened. Owners to replace their tires to try to one for four wheel wear, try to put new tires on the first two round. Before and after the driving, pay attention to always check the tire pressure, including the spare tire pressure, especially in the summer, tire contact with the hot ground, if the tire pressure is higher, is likely to lead to a puncture. Also, pay attention to the carrying capacity of the tire, do not overload. Also, pay attention to some of the tire before omen, if the steering wheel suddenly not normal swing, tire smoke, immediately get off to check well in advance of the tire strain. In addition, long-distance, high-speed driving, you should try to avoid braking capacity is smaller, because the brakes causes the tire, tire pressure, causing a puncture. Finally, non-speeding car tires have a "standing wave" phenomenon, often speeding, this phenomenon can make the tire temperature increased rapidly accelerate the speed of aging of rubber (information, quotes), easy to produce delamination and burst, causing a puncture.

With the advancement of technology, the preferred radial tires, low pressure tire is also a good way to prevent tire. Softer radial tire carcass and the belt layer with a higher strength, tensile deformation is small fabric cord or steel cord, the ability of such tires impact, low rolling resistance, less energy consumption, the most suitable for a motorway on driving. Commonly used low-pressure tires for cars, trucks, good elasticity, section width, the contact with the road surface, thin wall, good heat dissipation, these features improve the riding comfort and steering stability, greatly extending the tire of life and to prevent the occurrence of a flat. Is worth recalling that if the driver is found to cause tire overheating, and definitely not deflated, to the tire cold water to reduce the temperature, doing so will accelerate the aging of the tire speed, greatly reducing the life of the tire pressure is too high. In this case only Parking natural cooling cooling, Buck. Tire pressure is too low, the driver should be promptly inflate and check tire slow leak phenomenon, good tires for the replacement of the air-tightness.

There are four reasons of high-speed puncture

In recent years, with the improvement of the road traffic conditions, the driving speed of the car significantly improved, especially on the highway, high-speed car event of a puncture, it is likely to bring a car crash accidents . Therefore, the driver should be given high priority to the frequent occurrence of puncture accident, according to the vehicle in which the climate and terrain conditions specific analysis of the cause of the puncture, targeted preventive measures.

Flat tire accident caused four reasons, First, the tire pressure is too low, the amount of subsidence of the wheel increases, the radial deformation increases, the increase of the tread friction with the ground, the increase in rolling resistance, the carcass internal stress with the rise, resulting in a sharp increase in carcass temperature. Is excessive tire inflation. Generally tire pressure standard value should be the maximum load of tire marks on the tire pressure when the speed of 80-100%. Third, the tire installation errors, including wheel imbalance, and improper wheel alignment. Fourth, the lack of necessary maintenance tires, if we do not tire transposition and maintenance tire uneven wear, easy to form a weak point, causing a puncture.

Always check your tire

Requirements when checking the tire, including the spare tire should be checked, and check the tire pressure. Found that whether drum kits, cracks, cuts, nail bar and abnormal tread wear phenomenon. Damaged tire may result in tire damage. Driving a vehicle on a road with potholes and rocks or other objects may cause damage to tires and poor vehicle location, traveling on this road, slowly, carefully driving, check the tire through these sections whether any damage, such as: cut, drum kits, nail bar, tread wear.

Easy and convenient security ruler

Periodically check the tire tread depth, and replace it with a new tire wear to a certain extent in a timely manner. This ensures that the tire traction and grip, while preventing any unpleasant accident.


Your safety depends on good tread depth for the following reasons:

· The role of the tread discharge tire under water, keep control of the vehicle

· The tread pattern is more, driving on wet roads, the smaller the chance of occurrence of hydroplaning "

Correct tire pressure and regular maintenance will ensure your tires longest life and best performance

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