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Safe driving skills

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1 safe driving at night.

Adjust the vision to adapt to the light and shadows

Your eyes need some time to adapt to the light and shadows on the road. The lights on the road may affect your sight. Therefore, we need to take some preventive measures:

- Change the angle of the rear-view mirror to reduce glare when the long-term after the car turn on the headlights.

- Dodge or block the oncoming direct light.

The road poor visibility when

- Poor visibility at night, may make driving difficult to see the road ahead.

- The best solution is actually very simple - to reduce speed.

2 rainy Security Driving

In the storm weather, roads become slippery, and visibility was reduced. Motorists should:

- Fangmanjusu.

- The vehicle in front to maintain a a greater safe distance.

- Open beam lights and marker lights.

3 fog Security Driving

Fog weather, road visibility will fall. Therefore, motorists should:

- To comply with speed limits, do not overtake. The greater the fog, the vehicle speed should be lower.

- The vehicle in front to maintain a a greater safe distance. This way, you can have enough time to react to emergency situations on the front.

- Open beam lights, marker lights and fog lights - when the visible distance of less than 50 meters, at the same time open the rear fog.

Ice and snow safe driving

When driving on ice and snow, motorists should:

- Fangmanjusu

- Greater security distance from the vehicle in front

Snow-covered road adhesion is very low, very slippery. Therefore, you need to make the necessary preparations:

- Ready to slip tools, including snow shovels, the snow picks and triangular pieces of wood. You can also use snow chains on the tires.

- Poised to start the car. Do not step on the throttle too hard.

- Maintain an appropriate speed - when going downhill, use the low position to control the speed.

- The brakes gently. You should take the brakes, lean slightly forward.

- Brake pump the brakes. Do not use the emergency brake.

5 muddy roads safe driving

When the muddy road, stop and check road conditions. You should continue driving, check the firmness of the muddy road.

Simple method to determine the muddy road traveling

- Observe the ruts left by other vehicles

- From the size and width of the rut to determine the type of the vehicle in front. This information as a reference to determine whether your car by

6 high winds safe driving

Keep the speed to low speed. Since there is often a pedestrian or animal ran into the lane, so please be ready to stop.

When you see the front of a moving object, the warning whistle. However, due to the strong winds, pedestrians or other drivers may not be able to hear the whistle.

If your vehicle is equipped with the goods, please cargo firmly fixed in the car, so as not to fall, injuring pedestrians.

Close the window. In this way, the dust will not be blown into the cab, and affect your breathing or sight.

Safe driving in the mountains

Before driving on a mountain road, you should:

- Carefully check the vehicle (brake, tool box inside the vehicle spare tire)

- Preparation of food, clothing and emergency rescue package.

- Mountain weather and road conditions, select the appropriate driving route.

In mountain driving, you should:

- Fangmanjusu keep driving on the right side of the road when cornering or in front of the line of sight is blocked. Any time in front of the opposite drove to, you should advance to whistle, do not speeding or overtaking

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