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Yang New: automobile accessory chain by putting a ring

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A car without tires. Yang Industrial Park, covers an area of ​​560 acres, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the large projects Hubei Allesz annual output of 2.4 million sets of all-steel truck radial tire tire is quietly rising, the completion of the project will be the Hubei and the central The largest tire R & D production base.

Sunny on the 28th, the reporter walked into the project construction site, workers are Seize the duration of the progress of the grab, vice president of project Guo-Hua Tian was directing the installation of the machine.

Guo-Hua Tian originally worked at a tire company in Xiangyang, Olathe tire officially started construction on May 18 last year, he came to Yang Xin, responsible for pre-construction projects.

According to reports, Hubei Allesz tire expansion Wuhan Allesz tire upgrade project, due to the rapid development of the automobile industry in recent years, as important parts of the tire, the market prospect.

The Tires Zhaowan Chang, chairman of the Hubei Allesz the tire industry has long wanted to be bigger and stronger, and planning and off-site investment and construction of large-scale production of tire companies. Heard the news, in early 2012, many cities and counties in reaching out to him, but eventually he or eyes fell on the Yang new.

The inconvenience of leaving the government, and convenient to enterprise ", Yang County in the principal leaders of these words touched him.

In March 2012, in January after the formal negotiations, the project settled in the new industrial park in Shenyang. Guo-Hua Tian added, In fact, Zhao Dong In addition to Chinese and local government industry, entrepreneurs boss "pro-business, pro-business philosophy, but also fancy Yang new good human resources and location advantages.

"We came on all flat, which saves us a lot of time." Said Guo-Hua Tian, ​​For enterprises, the input can be output as soon as possible, it is important for enterprise development.

"To save time, our business is side infrastructure, while device. Equipment installation in May and June of that year. Worth more than 10 million big guy, is that we buy come from Qingdao steel rolling machine, light to buy equipment We spent more than 3 billion. "Guo-Hua Tian pounding Dangdang ring Steel told reporters.

According to Guo-Hua Tian, ​​stationed in the project, Yang new one county-level leadership Kaneyasu Industrial Park with a member of the team responsible for the coordination of services. The entire construction project, the park management committee to implement throughout the agency "and" one-stop "service.

Some time ago continuous rainy season is affecting our progress is such a hurry, from a certain distance. This time the weather helped a lot, the progress of our project soon, mixing workshop of 12,000 square meters has been capped, the monomer fundamental part of the main workshop of 70,000 square meters have been completed, are installing the steel structure, recruitment is being Yangxin in cooperation with the county government in full swing.

Determine the date of the trial operation on April 20 this year, we are all towards this goal. "Guo-Hua Tian end of the interview, and again into the tight project construction.

Yangxin County Industrial Park Administrative Committee, deputy Renxing Jun, responsible for the park's infrastructure construction, every day he would go to the site to view the progress of the project. "This project do not need us to rush." ​​He said that this progress will create the largest amount of investment Yangxin County, the fastest construction project.

It is reported that Yang new Olathe tires, Anda Auto Parts, Xinje wheels and other automobile accessory manufacturers, the county is full implementation of the car complete industrial chain, the industry bigger and stronger.

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