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Yangxin County power company is dedicated to service "giant" enterprise

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Xinhua Hubei Channel, Zhang Xiaowen December 10, December 20, Yang County in the power company to undertake the project "Allesz Tire Co., Ltd. 10 kV project". This is the the Yang power supply company over the years to undertake the largest project.

    Mr Rice Tire Company is the Yang County key investment enterprises, the scale of investment of 400 million yuan, will be built to achieve annual profits of 30 million yuan.

    The project electricity load of a production line of 35,000 KVA, two new 10 kV lines, opening and closing of a new 10 kV, 16 new transformer, low voltage cabinet 88, power engineering investment of about 30 million yuan. Materials all in place on December 25, January 5 to implement equipment installation is completed and put into operation before the Spring Festival.

    Yang power supply company on everything, optimize workflow, inverted time task node, construction the reported installation, design, materials procurement to all departments perform their duties, go all out to fight in the shortest possible time, with the most sophisticated service, the highest quality engineering model, the most efficient efficiency, to provide enterprises with a reliable power supply protection, boost the county economy to take off.

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