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    Applicable to a variety of truck and bus driving on a good road all-weather, all-wheel-bit long-distance tire tread, anti-wear tread compound formulation, can reduce irregular wear and reduces wear rate, thus providing the durability of the tire. Small shoulder groove design, effectively reduce noise and better thermal performance.


    ● Use




    ● Suitable for road

    State Road

    Ordinary road

    Advanced Highway


Specification Level(PR) Tread Depth(MM) Standard Rim Max Load (Kg) The corresponding pressure(Kpa) Load index /
Speed ​​levels
Load Capacity
Size Piy-Rating Tlead Depth Standurd Rim

Single births


Relevant Pressure
Load Index &
speed Rating
10.00R20 18 16 7.5 3200 3000 930 149/146K
11.00R20 18 16 8.0 3550 3250 930 152/149K
12.00R20 18 16 8.5 3750 3450 830 154/151K

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