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  • 名称: AR737
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    Applicable to ordinary roads and poor road heavy-duty tractors, heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks and concrete mixers driving wheel. Special massive deep flower and toe port to strengthen the design, to create excellent road braking effect, reduce irregular wear with high wear resistance.


    ● Use

    The short-distance


    Driving wheel


    ● Suitable for road

    State Road

    A variety of ordinary road


Specification Level(PR) Tread Depth(MM) Standard Rim Max Load (Kg) The corresponding pressure(Kpa) Load index /
Speed ​​levels
Load Capacity
Size Piy-Rating Tlead Depth Standurd Rim Single births
Relevant Pressure
Load Index &
speed Rating
11R22.5 16 16 8.25 3000 2725 830 146/143K
12R22.5 18 16 9.00 3550 3250 930 152/151L

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